Carry on glamping

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Glamping- It’s like marmite – love it or hate it! 

Rarely does one find an entire family in agreement when it comes to the camping holiday. And who can blame them? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea having to sleep on the ground encased within what amounts to a highly restrictive piece of polyester with a zip up the side, stumbling around in the twilight, tripping over random tent pegs, braving the terror zone that is the communal showers building, avoiding random wildlife and trying to boil water on a one pot gas stove that threatens to explode or fall over at any moment.

So, it’s no surprise that a rather glamourous alternative to camping has emerged in recent years. The travel industry buzzword of the moment is ‘glamping’. Essentially this is simply the result of combining two words - glamour and camping. A bit like ‘Jedward’ but without the ridiculous outfits and two foot tall hairstyles!

Glamping offers a luxurious option for travellers wishing to embrace the great outdoors without it becoming more like a Geography field trip. With not a backpack, camping stove or soggy sleeping bag in site, this upmarket form of camping offers the enjoyment and eco-friendliness of the ‘camping experience’ without having to rough it.

And rough, it certainly is not! Glamping is positively up-market. 

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Here are 4 reasons to put glamping at the top of your travel plans list.

  1. It’s romantic
    Imagine taking a romantic stroll through the countryside on a balmy Summer evening, stopping off at a traditional country pub for a drink and a bite to eat and then heading back to watch the sun go down from the comfort of your very own…yurt. Wait, what? Yes, it’s possible to rent a boutique yurt in a private location for that added touch of glamour and traditional romance.
  2. It’s supremely comfortable
    The comfort of glamping is incomparable to traditional camping. With luxury mattresses, cosy blankets, log burners, a fully fitted kitchen, widescreen TV and, the piece de resistance, a fully functioning bathroom – no more luke-warm communal showers – it’s more like a 5 star mini break, but with the opportunity to get back to nature whilst enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep and all mod cons.
  3. No preparation required
    Let’s face it, packing for a traditional camping trip is like preparing to emigrate. Camping really does involve everything including the kitchen sink to be packed. Not so for a weekend glamping retreat. Simply throw some clothes into a designer travel bag (no ruck-sack required) hop into the car, travel to the chosen destination (and there are many to choose from!) unpack and indulge in lazy days without the stress of keeping the campfire – and the family morale – going.
  4. Location
    Now here’s the best bit! Due to the popularity of glamping, there are a huge selection of locations and accommodation styles available, so the options are in abundance. Fancy an eco-pod in the Peak District? No problem. Maybe a safari tent in France? Easy. Perhaps a treehouse in Tenby ticks all the boxes? Want to be near the sea? That can be arranged. Simply want to be at one with nature? The options are open-ended! 
    Glamping is most definitely the new camping; where a whole new world of comfort, adventure and quirkiness awaits.