Our Marketing & Advertising advantage

With a long standing reputation for committing to extensive and varied advertising you can be entirely confident that at Statons we will put your property in front of the right people. Many years of experience has helped us to refine the advertising and marketing approach and ensure that every possible source of publicity that works effectively is fully employed.


With such an outstanding reputation in the area anyone who is looking for a property locally will almost undoubtedly be registered on our database. Your property details will be sent to everyone who matches the price range criteria. 

Our team of negotiators take the time to discuss the requirements of everyone who is looking for a property and will use this knowledge to match your property to the right potential buyers. 


It is well documented that the vast majority of people who move house do so within a 10 mile radius. 

The Statons well known and instantly recognised ‘For Sale’ boards, provide an eyecatching immediate advertisement to the local population for your property. 


The property market is an ever changing arena and the internet is a powerful tool for widespread promotion. The internet is one of the key tools for quickly communicating property details to potential buyers both at home and abroad. 

Individuals who are actively looking for properties will receive an e-mail message about new opportunities coming onto the market - this gives them the chance to log on and arrange a viewing even before the full particulars of sale have been prepared. 

An online advantage
All Statons properties are promoted on the leading property search engines, including Rightmove, Country Life, OntheMarket.com and (TWPN) giving our clients national and international coverage.


Widespread but carefully targeted advertising is part of the Statons ethos. 

Prominent features in all the leading local newspapers and magazines target the buyers in close proximity. 


Wherever you are in the world, Statons 'Video Tours' are the next best thing to being there. The short video brings you not only the atmosphere of your chosen location, but will provide a comprehensive insight into the area of your choice. Simply by going onto www.statons.comand clicking ‘Video Tours’ and by just choosing your selected area, you will be guided through the local roads, restaurants, shopping centres and schools.

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